The NPC Research community is growing at a rapid pace.  Still, in order to accelerate discovery to find a cure, forging collaborative efforts among researchers is critical.

The NTA is dedicated to foster these research collaborations. Therefore, this website is dedicated to identifying community initiatives, connecting scientists to NPC models & tools, and keeping researchers up to date in the latest of NPC Science & Discovery.

Clinical Hospitals

There are a number of hospitals involved in the treatment of patients with Niemann-Pick Type Cand the development of therapies for the disease.

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NPC Community Initiatives

These collaborative approaches to gather information are important NPC researchers, the development pipeline, and are critical in areas such as the diagnosis of NPC patients and the development of clinical trials.

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A key component of the NTA is to have a shared community voice with Government Drug Regulatory Agencies and keep families at the front and center for all communications and interactions.

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NPC Research Tools

There already exists a number of helpful websites and publications along with an abundance of expertise in this field so our goal with the NPC Therapy Accelerator is not to reinvent the wheel… rather we want to provide a simple description of the topic and point you to trustworthy sources containing relevant information.

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Researchers and Programs

Find a collaborator. Find an expert. This page is dedicated to listing NPC researchers and their expertise.

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Trending Research

Stay up to date on the latest publications and press releases from the NPC research Community.

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